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Tiles: New Collection



So comfortable that it becomes part of you from the first moment you put it on


Bonded with two strong silicone bands which makes Tiles bracelets extremely comfortable to put on and to take of


Modern and minimalistic design looks great both on men and women


Heavy natural hematite stone beads adds additional weight to the bracelet, to make it that much more pleasant to wear



In search of something unique and modern we discovered TILES. A Japanese-style Miyuki Tila bead-based design. These bracelets are coated with Nano-rubber which makes this specific bracelet modern looking and unique. In addition, rubber gives a particularly pleasant feel when wearing the Tiles bracelet.

Minimalistic design enables you to wear a bracelet every day. An easy and comfortable TILES bracelet will become your part from the very first moment.

TILES is a great gift for family and friends. Experience comfortable fashion.

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