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Trending Jewelry

Trendy products are sold each day. These are the most popular products that WILD has to offer. Here you can find many different product options. Both our hand crafted polymer clay earrings and our natural stone bracelet and earring kits.

Ability to  realize yourself online is unique. Not everyone can visualize themselves wearing beautiful jewelry without actually doing so.

WILD fashion allows you to experience the fashionable jewelry by providing a full refund if items were not of your best liking. Feel free to contact us with questions in regards to products details and specifications. We are here to help.


It is unique that makes us different. Express yourself by embracing handmade jewelry. Value what can not be found elsewhere. Unique WILD jewelry are hand crafted from natural stone beads and polymer clay. High quality material meet high quality craftsmanship. Express you true side. Show the world who you are. Show your WILD side!


What is as moldable as clay, can not be easily copied. We are proud of what we make and we are happy to be able to share our fashionable jewelry with you. 

Unique designs

Unique is something that we talk about a lot. This is how we grow this is how we innovate our jewelry. We mash colors, we variate proportions and mix up the material that we use to create our earrings out of. Unique earrings are hand only once. We do not know how to replicate these earrings and we do not want to know. They are unique, they are who they are. These earrings are meant to be like this. Therefore we will let them be. And we will let you enjoy the fact that, no one else will have an exactly the same pair of earrings.


We love halesome emotions. Therefore we create jewelry which allows to create such memories. Our earrings are great for children, girls, babies and ladies. We are able to produce comfortable, non-allergenic or hypoallergenic earrings, which look fashionable, natural and comfortable.


Bright colors are hard to match with everyday fashion. Looking at what this world has presented us with, we can see more and more colorful fashion all around the world. Colorful shoes, colorful accessories and colorful hair. WILD jewelry are fit to join this trend.

Celebratory Jewelry

As various celebrations approach us, we want to share what we have crafted. This time, we have handmade a bright and blissful heart shaped stud earring collection.

Show everyone that you are ready to celebrate Grand Valentines day with us all.

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